Access & Diversity Collaborative

Help higher education institutions advance their access and diversity goals and maximize the educational benefits of diversity for all students.

About this Project

The Collaborative was established in the immediate wake of the Supreme Court decisions to help institutions address the questions of diversity of race or ethnicity when conferring educational opportunities, such as in admission and financial aid decisions. We provide policy and legal guidance through national seminars, numerous policy briefs and manuals that address key strategic planning and policy development issues.

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Our Progress

What We've Accomplished

Established a successful collaborative of leading colleges and universities to guide the development and dissemination of tools and resources that inform the appropriate and legally sound use of race and ethnicity in admissions practices that achieve mission-driven enrollment diversity goals and educational benefits of diversity for all students

Conducted national and regional seminars on college access and diversity, which were attended by over 3,000 higher education enrollment managers over four years

Created a two-volume video series and an Access & Diversity Toolkit on federal law and the current state of race-conscious admissions practices for institutional professional development

Published A Diversity Action Blueprint that highlights institutional best practices of mission-driven policies and practices related to enrollment diversity

Development of tools and materials to address the needs of institutions through a grant from the Time Warner Foundation

Issued an amicus brief in the U. S. Supreme Court in support of the University of Texas at Austin in the Fisher v. University of Texas case

What We're Working On

New tools and resources that will focus on the outcome of the Fisher v. University of Texas case and assist with the interpretation of federal law and its application to mission-driven enrollment decision-making

A redevelopment of the Access & Diversity website to reflect possible changes in federal law and better serve the needs of the higher education community

Broader collaboration across College Board research, policy, advocacy and business units to provide enhanced tools and materials to assist colleges and universities with their enrollment diversity goals

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