Rethinking Pell Grants

Develop recommendations for strengthening the Pell Grant program and increasing the benefits it provides to both students and society as a whole.

About this Project

Convened by the College Board and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lumina Foundation, the Rethinking Pell Grants Study Group made recommendations for improving the Pell Grant program for young people growing up in low- and moderate-income families, while also better serving older adults returning to school to improve their labor market opportunities.

Our Progress

What We've Accomplished

Convened a study group of academic researchers with expertise in higher education finance, student aid, and workforce development; college administrators; and policy analysts who met over a two-year period

Released the Rethinking Pell Grants report on Capitol Hill April 9, 2013 to an audience of policymakers, educators and association leaders

What We're Working On

Engaging policymakers, policy experts, association leaders, institutional leaders and researchers in conversations related to Rethinking Pell Grants work

Continuing a public dialogue and lay the foundation for long term adoption of legislation related to the report recommendations

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