Trends in For-Profit Postsecondary Education

Monday, April 18, 2011

As debates over the role of the for-profit sector in postsecondary education continue, it is important that the discussions be grounded in evidence. Sandy Baum and Kathleen Payea, independent policy analysts for the College Board, have released “Trends in For-Profit Postsecondary Education: Enrollment, Prices, Student Aid and Outcomes” to inform discussions of the rapid growth of this sector.

Trends in For-Profit Postsecondary Education,” a report from the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, contains data on the growth in enrollments, family incomes, and the prices students pay, with a consideration of both sticker prices and the grant aid that reduces the impact of those prices. This latest policy brief also includes information on the graduation rates of first-time full-time students in different types of institutions.

Learn more about this policy brief and others detailed information on college prices and student aid and how they have changed over time at